If you wanna know . . .

Worth knowing and interesting facts about Bad Birnbach in the historical exhibition in the former monastery.


For our guests only

  • monday til friday 07:30am & 12:10pm Churvita-Aqua-Gym
  • tuesdays and thursdays 02:05pm  Briefing workout equipment
  • saturdays 07:30am Churvita-Aqua-Gym
  • mondays and wednesdays 08:45am back exercices
  • tuesdays and thursdays 11:40am Recreational Therapy Jacobson
  • mondays and fridays 10:30am Therapy Peter Hess
  • wednesdays 11:50am „Cranio in Vivo“ CranioSacral-Therapy
  • mondays and fridays 10:30am Therapy "Singing bowl" by Peter Hess


At the piano

The pianist Tobias Beiler plays music from Abba to Udo Jürgens to modern times

  • soon again

from 20:00 in our lounge with hotel bar

„Taste it!“ – Fine Acoustic Sound

Günter Pilzweger, Matthias Biermeier, Claudia Brunndobler with acoustic guitar and vocals in a non-ordinary form!

  • soon again

from 20:00 in our lounge with hotel bar.

Großes Maifest am Samstag, 01. Mai 2021 auf dem Neuen Marktplatz

ab 10:30 Uhr Blaskapelle Gerleigner
ab 16:00 Uhr Maibaumkraxeln
ab 17:00 Uhr Livemusik

Maibaumaufstellen und Maifest 2021 im ländlichen Bad

Freitag, 30. April 2021 auf dem Neuen Markplatz

ab ca. 14:00 Uhr Livemusik
ab ca. 16:00 Uhr Maibaumaufstellen
ab ca. 17:00 Uhr Livemusik

Market on saturday

Every Saturday until 12:00 you can buy fresh local produce at the big weekly market in Bad Birnbach.


Cocktails (also non-alcoholic). We serve daily, starting from 07:00pm in our Lounge/Bar and on the sun terrace (March until October), starting from € 4,90. In addition, already starting from 11:00am, cakes and coffee as well and small Snacks.