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Thermalbath 3D-Panoramic View!

With our in-house thermal bath with original Bad Birnbacher thermal water, we ensure relaxation for body and mind - with us you have a wealth of options: Use our two thermal pools with 32 ° C warm water (thermal bathing pool II) and at 34 ° C even below the Swarovski starry sky (thermal pool I). Enjoy the air-stimulating climate of our salt mine, switch off with Wave-Dream and AlphaSphere deep relaxation or let yourself be pampered in our oriental Rasul bath and in the Zirbularium.

Schwerelos durchs Wasser gleiten in den beiden Thermalbädern des Vitalhotels

Thermalwasser hilft beim EntspannenOur thermal water bubbles from the depths of the primary rock. Rich in minerals, it flatters body and soul. Water is a special element. Movement in the water increases well-being and resistance. Immerse yourself in pools with different temperatures.

From the hotel room comfortably with your bathrobe directly into your own thermal bathing area as well as into the sun and relaxation areas in your vital hotel. This is balm not only for your back, but also for your eyes, your mood, your mood, your whole inner and outer health.

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